Yung Toy Drops “Pheli Lingo”

Yung Toy pays tribute to his neighborhood in his latest album “Pheli Lingo,” released on April 24th under AM Record. The project showcases Yung Toy’s lyrical prowess and connection to his roots. Collaborating with Killer C, Man C, Tsonga Rap God, and TBG Rafael, among others, Yung Toy aims to make the local vernacular, or “lingo,” more accessible to a wider audience. The album also highlights the challenges of living in such an area while celebrating its unique culture and entertainment industry.

The album’s production is handled by Wesbeats, whose dynamic beats complement Yung Toy’s flow and lyrics. Standout tracks such as “Polelo Ya Strata 2.1” featuring Tsonga Rap God, “Pheli” featuring Blaze180, and “Power” featuring Killer C showcase Yung Toy’s storytelling abilities as he vividly portrays life in the Hood.

Overall, “Pheli Lingo” is a testament to Yung Toy’s growth as an artist and a must-listen for Hip-Hop fans. It celebrates the complexities of the Hood and is a fitting addition to AM Record’s impressive lineup of artists.