Bossfura & Sage Xplicit Announce New Ep: Addicted to the Hustle

Excitement is brewing in the music world as Sage Xplicit and Bossfura gear up for the release of their joint EP, which is set to drop on the 24th of March. The EP features a collaboration with Killer C, a rising star in the rap game, on a track titled “Way”. The announcement was made on social media along with the tracklist, which includes six tracks: “Last Time”, “Get Paid”, “Truth”, “Happy”, “I Can’t Believe It”, and “Way”.

One of the most exciting aspects of this joint EP is the collaboration between Sage Xplicit, a talented producer/musician known for his unique and experimental beats and amazing vocals, and Bossfura, a skilled rapper/producer who has been making waves in the industry with his distinct flow and introspective lyrics. This collaboration promises to be a match made in heaven, as both artists bring their unique strengths to the table and push each other to new heights.

Adding to the anticipation for the EP is the collaboration with Wes_beats on the production and Killer C on the track “Way”. Killer C has been gaining a lot of attention recently, and fans are eager to hear what he brings to the table on this project. Based on his previous work, it’s safe to say that he will not disappoint, and his energy and lyricism are sure to complement the sound and vibe of the EP.

The tracklist for the EP is impressive, with a diverse range of songs that showcase the strengths of both Sage Xplicit and Bossfura. “Last Time” promises to be a haunting and emotional track, while “Get Paid” is sure to be a banger that will get listeners moving. “Truth” is likely to be a introspective and thought-provoking track, while “Happy” could be a celebratory and uplifting anthem. “I Can’t Believe It” promises to be a standout track, showcasing both artists’ versatility and creativity.

One cannot forget to mention the incredible art cover that was revealed alongside the tracklist, which was created by Mahlatsi Rakgoale. The cover art captures the mood and energy of the EP perfectly, and sets the tone for what promises to be an exciting and unforgettable project.

The joint EP is being released through Ryder Music and Moswananoshi Records, both of which have a reputation for supporting and promoting emerging artists in the music industry. This project is sure to be a milestone in both Sage Xplicit and Bossfura’s careers, and will no doubt cement their status as two of the most exciting and innovative artists in the game.

In conclusion, the joint EP from Sage Xplicit and Bossfura, featuring Killer C, promises to be a project that will not disappoint. With a diverse range of tracks, exciting collaborations, and top-notch production, this EP is sure to be a standout release in 2023. Mark your calendars for March 24th and get ready to experience some of the best music the industry has to offer.